Effective business meetings

Why should I take this course?

Most meetings end with no action plans. How does one avoid this? This course helps you make your meeting time effective.
This course can be customised for tele meetings.

What is the course structure?

This four hours course is instructor led with simulations that teach you practical techniques to make business meetings effective.

What will I learn?

• structure and conduct meetings to achieve objectives
• create an environment that is conducive for participants to contribute
• assign roles and keep to time
• deal with difficult situations or members.

What are the course contents?

Preparing for a meeting

Setting the objective of the meeting
Preparing the agenda
Structuring the various phases of the meeting
Identifying clearly the roles and responsibilities of the chairperson
Adopting the appropriate tone and structure

Leading the Meeting

Assigning meeting roles
Establishing the relevance and pertinence, time and duration
Techniques to lead and involve the team in the meeting

Conducting the Meeting

How to make interaction easy
Handling difficult attendees
Taking control of time and distractions
Encouraging participation from all attendees

Communicating Effectively

Questioning and listening techniques
Identifying the key message and the needs of the audience
Handling misunderstandings
Maintaining assertiveness

Concluding the Meeting

Following effective reviews
Mastering summarising techniques