Business etiquette

Why should I take this course?

As a professional you come across many tricky situations that, if not handled well, can change the relationship. When you are prepared, you handle it with élan.

What is the course structure?

This six hours course is instructor led with plenty of role plays and interactive exercises that make learning fun.

What will I learn?

• be prepared for unexpected situations in the corporate scenario
• present yourself as a professional
• manage your image and respond with confidence
• be sensitive to others while interacting professionally

What are the course contents?

Making a great first impression

Presenting yourself as a professional
Perfecting the handshake
Handling introductions
Compliments – when and how
Small talk and networking
Conversation killers
Telephone and email etiquette

Building a Professional Image

• The dos and donʼts in dressing
• Clothes and corporate culture
• Packaging oneself

Cross Cultural Challenges

• Handling cultural differences in the business arena
• Quick tips to handle challenging situations