Present with confidence

Why should I take this course?

This workshop will help you plan, prepare, practice and deliver presentations with greater confidence and control.

What is the course structure?

1. You come prepared with a five minute presentation that you will present to the class.
2. You are evaluated on your presentation skills by the facilitator.
3. The facilitator takes you through the session on presentation skills.
4. You present the second time incorporating the learning from the session.
5. You receive feedback on the second presentation and review the difference in both the presentations.

What will I learn?

• plan and prepare your presentation more effectively
• keep your audience engaged
• handle difficult situations with confidence
• interact with the audience, taking questions and feedback

What are the course contents?

Pre writing process

Meeting the needs of the audience
Aims and objectives – focussing on the audience
Preparing your content and delivery notes
Practising your delivery and timing

Building Confidence

Confidence and its effect on the audience
Relaxation techniques to ease anxiety

Delivery Skills

An evaluation of your body language and image
Positive language and appropriate gestures
Connect and interact with your audience
Using your voice effectively
Use effective and appropriate visual aids

Personal Development

Formulating a personal action plan