Impactful report writing

Why should I take this course?

This one day course helps you plan, structure and write reports by taking you through practical exercises and discussions.

What is the course structure?

1. A facilitator-led classroom program that gives you plenty of opportunity to write and seek feedback.
2. Participants share a sample of the reports with the facilitator before the training to ensure the learning is personalised to each participantsʼ needs.

What will I learn?

• plan, structure and organise your report
• create a cohesiveness by building transitions in the structure
• write with the objective of the report in mind
• the overall design element

What are the course contents?


Planning the structure
Sequencing the report

Adopting a professional style

Use expressions that connect you with the reader
Adopt a style that fits in with the objective of the report

What are the components of a report?

The beginning, middle and end

Creating visual appeal

Create visuals to enhance the appeal of your document