Business English for young professionals

Why should I take this course?

With the global business world relying on high speed messages to make desicions, people want immediate and accurate replies. This three day course helps you brush up your grammar, punctuation and writing style that will make your writing clear and succinct.

What is the course structure?

1. An online pre assessment will gauge your proficiency in writing skills.
2. During the training you are assigned exercises that help you practice what you learn in the training.
3. At the end of the course, you take a post assessment that will help you assess your improvement in writing after the training.

What will I learn?

• write with increased confidence to both internal and external clients
• use correct punctuation and grammar
• eliminate common errors in writing
• display an understanding of effective business communication
• write well structured messages that donʼt confuse the reader
• write in a professional language that appeals to a global audience

What are the course contents?

Grammar for everyone

Review the rules of grammar
Avoiding the pitfalls of incorrect punctuation

Building clarity in writing

Structuring your writing to add clarity to your writing
Cutting out unnecessary words and phrases
Writing with the reader in mind
The end result – is it clear, accurate, professional?
Meaningful subject lines
Ending with action points

Using a professional tone and style

Using words and phrases that have a global acceptance
Avoiding negative words
Building a professional style