Feedback for better performance

Why should I take this course?

This one day course is important to achieve a successful working relationship with your team members.

What is the course structure?

1. A pre course questionnaire on how feedback is given by the participants, and the expected behaviours to be displayed after the course are captured to make the training relevant.

What will I learn?

• define feedback and when it should be used
• deliver appropriate feedback to your team members
• give feedback to help you build on your team members strengths
• create a conducive environment for feedback

What are the course contents?

Building Blocks of Effective Feedback

What is effective feedback?
When to deliver feedback?
The benefits of feedback
Defining feedback – the difference between praise and feedback
Constructive feedback to develop individuals
Instant feedback vs formal feedback

Preparing for the meeting

Preparing for the feedback meeting
Setting SMART objectives to ensure action

Feedback process

Remaining assertive
Listening to the receiverʼs feedback
Remaining calm and not becoming emotional or aggressive during feedback

Personal Development

Preparing an Action Plan for use in the workplace