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Yawn.. are you a bore?

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Jul 13

Yawn.. are you a bore

Alright, so besides writing emails to get the message(s) across, have you ever felt bored reading your own emails?


Then imagine how your readers must feel reading what you write every day.

One of my clients to whom I write regularly, writes like she is speaking to me. In other words, her emails are a combination of being conversational and friendly, yet formal. I always feel good reading her emails because they are different from the other emails I receive. In fact, they are a welcome change.

It takes a little effort to do that, and to make sure reading your email is not just another chore for the reader. Give your readers a different reading experience by using these five tips that can change your tone from being ‘stiff’ to ‘friendly’.

1. Be conversational. Do you always say, ‘I have attached the file as per your request’? Can it be changed to something more conversational? Perhaps, ‘I am sending you the file just as you requested’ eases the tone to a more direct and friendly one.

2. Avoid being pompous. Use simple words that can be easily understood by your reader. I remember in one training, a participant had received an email from a professor in which he had used the word ‘egregious’. She was confused and began to look for ‘difficult’ words to match the professor’s expectations. Until, of course, she came into one of my sessions and learnt that simplicity is far more difficult to achieve.

3. Use the reader’s name if you need to build rapport.  It personalizes your email. But, at the same time never overuse the reader’s name. It will end up sounding like you are servile.

4. If you are responding to an email the second time, there is no need to address the reader again. Just continue like you are speaking.

Yes, Anita. The report will be ready by Wednesday for review.


There is no need to start with ‘Dear Anita’ again. But yes, don’t forget the signature.

5. Use positive words like, ‘Sure, we can go ahead’, ‘This sounds good’, ‘I am waiting to hear from you’, etc…

The best part about all this is, you receive responses the way you write!

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