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Why do I need to write ‘Action Points’?

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Aug 13


When you finish reading an email what stays in your mind? The entire content, the background information or what the reader wants from you?

So, where should you put the ‘part that will spur the reader on to action’? Right at the beginning of the email? In the middle? Or at the end?

Business correspondence is written primarily to convey some information or to get a job done. Reinforcing at the end of the email what you want the reader to do is a good way to ensure you get the results of your communication.

Close your email with an action point because fuzzy action points will not get you the results you want.
I always end my email with a strong call to action like I have mentioned below:

1. Could you please send me the status report by close of business hours?
2. I would need this information by Monday, so I can begin work on the project.
3. Please share your feedback/suggestions on this report before the monthly meeting, so I can act on your suggestions.

I often add a timeline to my action point so that my reader knows how much time he has to get the job done. It gives him preparation time.

This doesn’t mean that action points are only meant for the reader. They can also work for you like the ones I have mentioned below:

1. I will be able to send you the report next Wednesday.
2. You will receive the application form by the end of this week.
3. All the project status reports will be uploaded on the CMS by Friday.

Make your communication result-oriented by adding the action point to your emails.

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