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To Count on Someone or Not To Count Someone in? What’s the Right Phrase?

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Feb 17

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By Priyadarshini Mahendran

To count on someone

To count in someone

Trust on me

Are these phrases correct? What do they mean?

Trust on me – Incorrect

To count on somebody – Correct

To count in somebody – Incorrect

There is no a phrase such as trust on me in the English language. However, here are two phrases that convey the same intention but are used in different contexts:

Trust me –  use this phrase to tell another person that they can trust you or confide in you


to trust in someone – use this phrase when you have confidence in a person because of their character or you rely on them for something.


  1. You can trust me to successfully complete the task.
  2. The boss has placed his trust in me. I will work hard to live up to it.
  3. I trust in God to guide me through my troubled times.

To count on someone

To count on someone means to be able to depend on someone; either when you are going through hard or difficult times, or to rely on someone to always do their job.


  1. I can always count on my friends to help me when I’m caught in a bad situation.
  2. We can always count on Akash to do the job. He never lets us down.
  3. You can count on me to successfully complete the task.

Did you notice the phrases trust me and count on me can be used interchangeably?

To count someone in

To count someone in means to include a person in plans being made. This phrase is often used incorrectly as ‘to count in someone’.

An example of incorrect usage:

  1. Please count in Arjun for this project too. He is not here today but has asked to be included.

Examples of correct usage:

  1. Please count Arjun in for this project too. He isn’t here today, but has asked to be included.
  2. Hey! I heard you’re arranging a surprise birthday party for Vaishnavi at the office. Count me in!

You should always count your friends in, during the good times, because you sure as well know, that you can always count on them to be with you through the bad times. Trust me.

Priyadarshini is a CELTA Cambridge graduate and a passionate English language trainer. She enjoys reading, writing and listening to music. 

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