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Take care of your image while on phone

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Jul 16

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It is important to be courteous and cautious about your personality and that of the company you work for while talking to anybody on the phone. It doesn’t matter what challenges you’re having or what the other person is saying; you must be professional and diplomatic.

That the person on the other end of the line can’t see you is just an illusion. Well, they can see how nice or rude, friendly or hostile you are from those miles away. It could be challenging to entertain everybody and what they have to say while on the phone with them, especially when they are rude or unprofessional.

Here are some pretty simple tricks to help you establish a productive rapport with people you get on the phone with:

When answering a phone call

– Don’t suddenly budge in on the fellow by picking up just after a ring; but don’t also turn them off by waiting till the ringing is about to stop. The ideal thing is to pick up after three rings.

– Be as nice and friendly as possible. Your voice and the type of questions you ask can say it all. ‘Hello, Starlite Enterprises. Tina speaking. How may I help’ is welcoming enough to make the caller relaxed to talk to you. Of course the tone of your voice matters. Speak softly (not whisper) and smile because the one you’re talking to will ‘see’ that.

– Remember to always keep a writing pad and a pen because they come in handy. Don’t wait till you have to write something and start scurrying around for them.

When making a phone call

– Identify yourself first. Do not rudely ask the one at the receiver’s end to identify themselves. Greet, introduce yourself and then ask the receiver for their name.

– Clearly state your reason for calling. Don’t leave that to the discretion of the receiver. They may end the call when they are unable to see the direction of the call.

– If it becomes necessary that you put the receiver on hold, expressly ask for their permission and stay till it’s granted. Do not quickly ask permission and put the receiver on hold without their consent.

– Whether you’re calling or receiving, be careful not to keep yawning, sneezing, fidgeting or doing any other thing which will unnecessarily interrupt the call. When involuntary, make sure to excuse yourself afterwards.

Whether making or answering a phone call, there is no need to scream at the fellow on the other end of the line, no matter the circumstance. Above all, remember to be courteous. Ask yourself, ‘what if I were the one on the other end of the line?’ Keep your cool and be diplomatic and empathetic enough to accommodate anybody who reaches you on the phone.

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