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Simple tips for great presentation

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Oct 16

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For your presentation to be effective, you have to move beyond the mere transfer of information or knowledge. You must interact with the participants, maintain eye contact, use humour, illustrate your points and have a good knowledge of the topic.

Although there are no hard and fast rules about how presentations must be done, here are some general guidelines to help you.

What’s your focus?  

The objective of the presentation is like a compass that directs and guides you. To help you set clear objectives, know your participants’ opinions/perceptions about the topic and what you want to achieve at the end of the presentation. This helps you select the topic(s) to cover and how to present (using charts, videos, audios, etc.). An example of an objective will be to disseminate a finding. For this kind of presentation, the presenter will have to use a lot of pictures, data, video proofs and question and answer sessions to make the presentation effective.

How do I evaluate?

It’s very necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of a presentation at the end of the session: it helps you better subsequent presentations. Evaluate the presentation immediately after the session. The participants could be asked to fill an evaluation form or deposit their suggestions into a box created for this purpose.


These steps are pivotal to making a great presentation, but they make up only about 40 per cent of the whole process. The real deal happens in the presentation hall on that day. To be effective, do not concentrate too much on the PowerPoint slides or script. It becomes boring and you lose the attention of the audience. Dress appropriately, be at the venue in time, make time for questions and answers and compliment your active participants to motivate others.

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