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When assertiveness is a taboo: Women in the business world

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Jun, 16

Indra Nooyi, Chairperson and CEO, PepsiCo

Statistics have revealed that the majority prefer male bosses to female ones. The argument is that female bosses are domineering, overly assertive, demanding and they micro-manage employees. Ironically, male professionals are not penalized for exhibiting similar traits in the office.

According to a recent leadership study by Larissa Tiedens of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and Dr Melissa J. Williams, Assistant Professor at Goizueta Business School, it has been found that women were particularly penalised for dominance that took on a verbal form. For example, women who negotiated for higher salaries were disparaged more than men who asked for similar privileges.

Why risk your life for impending meetings?

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Jun, 16

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Of course, every word has its meaning(s) and must be used correctly to communicate the intended thought, information or emotion. Knowing the meaning of a word is not enough, but knowing when and how to use it, in addition to its meaning, completes the process. Funny incident Once my boss burst out laughing when the secretary handed him a memo. It read “The venue of the impending meeting has been changed till further notice”. He explained the meaning of the memo and we couldn’t help […]

Omnibus communication: Why even the blinks matter

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Jun, 16

2016-06-01 12.27.13

Growing up, my mum would very often talk to me with her eyes. At every point I knew what she wanted from me just by looking at her face. Then, I came to the realisation that beyond words exists probably a more powerful and highly impressive means of communication. Communication is like an omnibus: it’s all-embracing and every item included in it is as important as the other. To be successful at it, you must be mindful of what you say, how you say it, […]

Had had?

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May, 16

confused boy

Language is fun; you only need to love it. Grabbing the rules helps you accomplish tasks, build relationships and have authority over situations and people. Let’s get down to one such rule – past perfect tense (had had) Note these simple situations: 1. Have/has is an auxiliary verb. That is, it helps to determine the tense of a verb. Example 1: Donita has called the secretary. (Has helps us know Donita called the secretary not long ago.) 2. The perfect tense of has/have is had. […]

Do the needful: You rather not say it

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May, 16


Have you ever handed over a completed project to your boss and the only response you get is ‘thanks’ or ‘the great Indian nod’? ‘Do the needful’ is just as confusing, distressing and redundant as the above scenario. Be specific Clarity counts whenever you’re communicating. Tell the fellow the exact thing you want from them; it doesn’t necessarily mean the recipient of the instruction is not up to scratch or cannot think on their feet. Archaic? Upgrade yourself Moreover, ‘do the needful’ is too archaic […]

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