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Oct, 13


My aunt is a social butterfly. She mingles with ‘high society’ and usually shares some funny anecdotes that give us a tummy ache because of laughing so much. Once she came back from a kitty party with this story. Her friend had served some yummy salad and when my aunt asked her from where she had picked up the fresh lettuce, her friend answered, ‘it grows in my backside!’ My aunt lost her appetite! ‘Backside’, in India, is a versatile word. It is used to […]

What’s your good name?

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Sep, 13


This is an expression that is probably common in India and Pakistan and owes its origin to the expression in Hindi and Urdu, ‘shubh naam’. Native speakers would be flummoxed if you asked them their ‘good name’. They only understand ‘first names’ and ‘last names’. In India, everyone has a pet name or nick name. A name that your parents, friends and neighbours call you. Others, I mean professional friends, would know your ‘good name’ or official name. Your pet name can be far removed […]

Your quick and easy tip to ‘used to’

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Sep, 13


Yesterday I was sitting with a group of trainees conducting a needs assessment for a communication program. Most of them come with around 10 years of experience and interact a lot with clients overseas. While interacting with them, I found that almost all of them used ‘used to’ to describe routine activities. For example, ‘I used to negotiate with candidates on salaries’. I asked them if they don’t negotiate anymore and they would reply, ‘No, we negotiate almost every day with every candidate’. Then I […]

How do you do?

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Sep, 13


How do you do? I train at a pharma company and every time I meet the HR there, he greets me with a, ‘How do you do?’ My instant reply was always, ‘Great! What about you?’ It was only after I replied that I realised ‘how do you do?’ doesn’t warrant a reply like, ‘I’m fine’, ‘great’, how are you?’ etc. It’s just a greeting and requires you to say, ‘How do you do?’ in return. ‘How do you do?’ is not used much in […]

Why do I need to write ‘Action Points’?

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Aug, 13


When you finish reading an email what stays in your mind? The entire content, the background information or what the reader wants from you? So, where should you put the ‘part that will spur the reader on to action’? Right at the beginning of the email? In the middle? Or at the end? Business correspondence is written primarily to convey some information or to get a job done. Reinforcing at the end of the email what you want the reader to do is a good […]

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