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Five mistakes in your email signature, you need to stop making

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May, 15

Let's talk about email signatures

Are you guilty of ignoring your email signature? Or, perhaps you’ve put in too much thought and your signature is heavily detailed. Your email footer is crucial to your communication outcome. It needs to be effective, professional and should carry information the recipient needs. A professional email signature sets the tone for future communication. It is also a great place to market your brand and company services. Make your email signature work for you. Here are five common mistakes that you need to stop making […]

You’re right and your wrong

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Mar, 15

You’re at work and when you punch in for the day you realise you’re late. Your supervisor finds out and is upset that you’re late again. You try to explain to him, saying that you’re really making an effort to be on time. But, today your car just didn’t start. Your supervisor refuses to accept any excuses and says, “You’re fired! Clear out your desk.” This conversation can be quite hard to follow, if you don’t know the difference between your and you’re. Many times […]

The Case of The Missing Email

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Nov, 14


You have most likely heard of black holes. Yes, it’s that region in space from where everything, including light, cannot escape. But have you heard of email black holes? The term may be new to you, but chances are that you have experienced an email black hole in the course of your professional correspondence. Last week, I sent out a short email to a team member on the confirmation of a project. The team member did not respond to the email and as we neared […]

Making a Great Presentation

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Aug, 14

What makes a presentation great? It’s simplicity! Perhaps, this is the most difficult to achieve. A good presentation needs to incorporate some humour. Planned humour if you cannot crack a joke. Second, storytelling. People connect with stories and remember stories. Use a story to make your presentation stick. Third, use your body to tell the story. Actions speak louder than words, so focus on your body language. And, finally, practice, practice, practice. Watch this interesting presentation by Ron Kaufman on Quality Service. Let me know […]

Keep It Short and Simple (KISS)

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Apr, 14


I received an email with the subject line, ‘Please Note – Meeting Advanced to 3 pm-NRE’ I got the message right and reached the meeting venue at 02.50 pm. But, for the life of me, I was baffled with ‘NRE’. After the meeting, I met the person who wrote this subject line and asked what it meant. Here is the answer. It means, ‘No Response Expected’. Are you using abbreviations that don’t make sense to others? A good practice is to give the expansion the […]

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