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Do the needful: You rather not say it

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May, 16


Have you ever handed over a completed project to your boss and the only response you get is ‘thanks’ or ‘the great Indian nod’? ‘Do the needful’ is just as confusing, distressing and redundant as the above scenario. Be specific Clarity counts whenever you’re communicating. Tell the fellow the exact thing you want from them; it doesn’t necessarily mean the recipient of the instruction is not up to scratch or cannot think on their feet. Archaic? Upgrade yourself Moreover, ‘do the needful’ is too archaic […]

5 Pointers to help you bring a positive tone to your emails

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May, 16


It is very important to exhibit high levels of optimism in your everyday work life. It spurs everyone on to greater achievement and productivity. However, the circulation of negative information is inevitable; but conveying these negative information with a positive tone is important to help you build a professional image and appear approachable. These five pointers are quick tips on how to bring a positive note to your e-mails, even when the reality is far from good: 1.      Your subject line should always have positive […]

The Great Indian Nod

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Feb, 16


  Harish Sadasivan  During the two decades that I worked for an American MNC, I realised that having good cross cultural sensitivity played a very big role in my career growth in the company. It also helped me make friends in the US and various Asian countries. While it takes many years to learn about the cultural nuances of different countries and adapt one’s responses to them, one can always begin by doing simple things like being polite in our personal and email interactions. Understanding […]

Oh! The Tangled Web of Alternatives

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Nov, 15

You are on your way to work. The road you usually take is under construction and to avoid congestion, you end up taking another route to work. You walk in late. When using alternative as an adjective, you say: “I had to take an alternative route to work.” It implies the route you took was “one of a number of possible choices”. When using it as a noun, you’ll say: “I had no alternative but to take the longer route.” Alternatively is an adverb. It […]

The Cat is Now Out of the Bag

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Oct, 15

…This doesn’t mean I had a cat in my bag. It is an idiom used to convey that a secret has been given away. We often use such phrases while communicating. Their meanings could have you scratching your head. However, the meaning of most idioms is rooted in their origin. For example, the origin of the expression ‘to let the cat out of the bag’ alludes to the practice of shrewd merchants who would substitute a cat for a valuable pig. This would be discovered […]

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