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Optimising the video conference experience

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Jul 16


Thanks to advances in technology, meetings can be held without necessarily converging on a common venue. You only need the right equipment: a display device, audio equipment, a network connection and a codec device.

But, this is technology, and needs to be handled correctly. To effectively conduct meetings, seminars or conferences via the internet and have optimum experiences and results, there are some steps you need to take:


I consider it too risky to wait until the scheduled conference time or even 30 minutes before the time to come sit behind your computer. Technology could be unfriendly, and you must test and fine-tune it at least 45 to 60 minutes before time. You could miss out on the initial part of the conference because of audio failure, or your internet connection could just give up on you, and other technical errors.

Dress appropriately

You must not be deceived into thinking that because it is a virtual meeting you can just wear anything. Dress for the meeting like it’s real and everybody can see what you’re wearing from head to ankle (for men) or head to knee (for women).

Inappropriate dressing could be distracting and could impair the success of the meeting. You must also ensure to choose the right colours for the screen; too loud, ‘busy’ or flashy colours are not okay. Choose lighter shades or muted colours such as pink, light blue or green. Even white is not advised.

Enhance best visuals

The experience can be boring if enough is not done beforehand to guarantee a successful meeting. During presentations, don’t use black text on white background throughout the session (suitably vary the colours). Text must also be legible.

Also, for variety in angle shots, especially for the facilitator, money must be invested in getting a moveable camera to be fixed on a tripod. It makes the conference more real, since the facilitator is able to move around, as is the best practice in meetings. All participants in the meeting must be placed appropriately.

Be still and clear

When it’s your turn to speak, look into the camera so that you establish eye contact with the others. Speak clearly also, and vary the tone of your voice (don’t shout). To avoid distracting others, you must be sure not to fidget, look around or do anything that isn’t relevant to the meeting. Be courteous and introduce yourself before speaking.


Ensure to mute your devise when you’re not speaking. Keeping it unmuted would echo or give uncomfortable feedback. Again, for effective communication, do not just barge when others are speaking. Allow them time to finish, and then make your point. Since audio transmission is usually delayed, pause in-between sentences to allow the other participants to understand what you say.

Video conferencing could be the way to go; but you must put the necessary processes and mechanisms in place for optimum benefit.

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