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Mar 14

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The scion (educated abroad) of a leading political party in India said in a speech, ‘I woke up in the night at 2 O’clock in the morning’. A bit confusing?

There are numerous such instances where words have got mixed up and the results are amusing. George Bush is known for them and you can find a website dedicated to ‘Bushisms’.

While some are obvious bloopers, there are some that go unnoticed, but are nevertheless incorrect usages. Tautology is one of them. It is saying the same thing twice.

Here are some tautologies that I see people using often, even on news channels.
Free gift
Coupled together with
Prominent landmark
Adequate enough
Enter into (when they mean a building)
Return back
Other alternatives
Penetrate through
Speeding so fast
Repeat again
Two couples (when they mean two people)

These redundancies are best avoided as they take away the effect of your writing. And, if you have any more to do add to these, please share them with me.

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