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It’s a starting problem

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Oct 16


Many of my participants in training say that they find it difficult to start an email. They are confused about how to begin the content of the email.

I call this the great starting problem. Well, the solution is also extremely simple. Start with what you want to say! An email is not a novel that needs to start with a build-up to a story and end in suspense. It’s plain and simple English.

So, if you get stuck with starting an email, ask yourself, ‘why am I writing this email?’ And you have the first line of your email.

Here are some beginnings that will help you get started:

1. I am writing to check if the payment for the last consignment has been sent.

2. This is with regard to the new template.

3. This email is to inform the team that…

4. May I request you to send me the…

5. This is to inform you that…

6. I would like to bring to your attention…

7. With regard to the…

8. After the meeting/conversation yesterday, I would like to add/follow up/assure/let you know…

9. Is it possible for us to meet to discuss…

10. Can you let me know your convenience.

So, all you need to do is to begin the email by writing what you want from the reader or what you want to tell them. Just get to the point and it’s as easy as pie.

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