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Is it every day or everyday?

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Jun 16


The mistake of substituting every day with everyday is common. The error is almost always seen in writing because although both have the same pronunciation, writing every day instead of everyday is an everyday error which results in the construction of wrong sentences.


Everyday is an adjective used to describe situations or circumstances that occur every day or are ordinary or commonplace. Thus, once everyday is written as one word, it must be describing a person, thing or an activity.

For example (1), ‘Even the richest man in town had to do everyday tasks such as saving more and spending less every day.’

In the example above, the bold and italicised everyday is the adjective because it is describing the word ‘tasks’.

 Every day

In the two-word phrase every day, the adjective every modifies the noun day, and the phrase usually functions as an adverbial; showing time. It helps you answer the question of when or how frequent an activity is carried out. Therefore in example 1, the second every day is indicating when he saves and spends.

‘I come to work every day’ will therefore answer the question ‘when and how many times in a week or month do you come to work?

The everyday and every day test

The explanation notwithstanding, if you’re still confused and unsure of which one to use, try replacing everyday or every day with each day. If each day logically completes the sentence, then you have to use every day. If it doesn’t, then you have to use the one word everyday.

Otherwise, be certain there is a noun after everyday, then you have to use everyday and not every day. Example 1 can, therefore, be written as ‘Even the richest man in town had to do everyday tasks such as saving more and spending less each day.’

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