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How to send out season’s greetings at the workplace

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Dec 16


2016 is drawing to a close, and the holiday season is fast approaching. It is a perfect time to take a break and cherish the warmth of the season, as well as appreciate all the people who have made the year a memorable one for you.

You’ll build such a great rapport that transcends business if you’re able to send an email or a holiday card to your clients, colleagues, employers, employees, bosses, etc.

Don’t know how to get started? Let’s do it together!

Send the right message

Do you want to say thank you to the recipient, wish them a merry Christmas or a happy Hanukkah? It is good if you know the theme of your message. Knowing who the recipient is helps you know what to send them. Is the recipient a client, colleague or boss?

Keep it simple

Whether it’s a card, email or letter, keep the language simple, clear and precise. With the personality of the recipient and your relationship with them in mind, ‘craft’ your message thoughtfully. You can be a little creative, if that works for you. In the end, be sure your message is made up of simple words and phrases.

Don’t be too formal

There’s no need being too formal in a season’s greetings. While being professional, give your message a personal tone. You should address the recipients by their names, and not a blanket ‘Dear Sir/Madam’.  Except in cases where a personal relationship has already been established, do not also address the recipient by their first names.

Sign off appropriately

Edit and proofread your message; it may be a short one, but you never can tell. Give it to a trusted colleague or friend to take a second look.

When you’re sure all’s okay, sign each message personally. If it’s a card, sign it with a pen. It’s not advisable to print your signature (although the message in the card can be printed) because it reduces the personal touch of the message. The signature should include name of the sender. You may choose to include the name of your company in the signature as well.

Card or email?

You could choose to send out your season’s greetings on a nicely designed card made out of quality paper. It shows how much you mean every word in your message. Otherwise, an e-card or email greeting will work just as well.

This could be for a client: Thank you for your invaluable contribution to our business. It’s been a great year. I look forward to more productive years with you. May the warmth and good tidings of the seasons be yours. Merry Christmas!


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