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How do you do?

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Sep 13


How do you do?

I train at a pharma company and every time I meet the HR there, he greets me with a, ‘How do you do?’
My instant reply was always, ‘Great! What about you?’

It was only after I replied that I realised ‘how do you do?’ doesn’t warrant a reply like, ‘I’m fine’, ‘great’, how are you?’ etc. It’s just a greeting and requires you to say, ‘How do you do?’ in return.

‘How do you do?’ is not used much in India. It has a British origin and was used more by the upper classes. It’s probably not in use much right now even in Britain. Perhaps, the off shoot of the, ‘how do you do?’ today is the more informal, ‘howdie?’ that is used more in conversations.

So, if anyone does say, How do you do?’ all you need to do is ask the same question back to him!

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