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Do you know the psychology of your reader?

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Jul 13

Do you know the psychology of your reader

Knowing the psychology of your reader is important. But, do you know what your reader is thinking when he sees an email from you?


He is probably thinking…

  1. I need to get through these emails real fast.
  2. Hope this is a short email!
  3. Is he trying to sell me something?
  4. What’s the point of this email?
  5. Is it possible for me to do anything about this?
  6. I hope what he is asking is not going to take me long.


Now, let’s look at what is running in your mind when you compose an email.

  1. How can I say this perfectly?
  2. I believe my request/product is unique and special to the reader.
  3. Why would anyone turn down such a well-phrased email?
  4. Let me tell you a story.
  5. I can expect a quick response for my email because it is so original.


The truth is…

I don’t think anybody is going to spend more than a few minutes on understanding a communication and responding to it. This is the low attention span age. Write emails that:

  1. Will be read
  2. Will be understood
  3. Will not take too much of the reader’s time
  4. Will build rapport


Let’s take this case in point.

Hi Jack

We introduce ourselves as importers and resellers of servers, notebooks, PCs, iPads and printers of all brands. Our company is in the market for the past 4 years with a revenue  of $15 million and we are doing very well year on year. We have experienced staff who can guide you to buy the right product at competitive prices and also give you the best service on time, which is the most important part of the purchase.

Please feel free to call or write to us in case you have any inquiries. We will be very happy to serve you.



What can be changed to make this email better? Perhaps, a different approach that keeps the reader in mind.

Dear Jack

Are you looking to set up your IT infrastructure? Then, we would like to help you get the best solution.

As re sellers of servers, notebooks, PCs, iPads and printers of all brands, we have been working with over 50 clients in the Middle East and India. We believe in giving our clients the best experience when it comes to pricing and service.  Our clients include …some names.

Please click here to visit our website and learn more about our products. Or, just call us and we will have our representative sent to your office.



What is better about the second email?

  1.  It asks a question that lets the reader know what this email is all about and that too right at the beginning.
  2. The language is simple and easy to understand.
  3. It gives the reader more information – clients and presence – and is still short.
  4. It has no unnecessary information like revenue and growth.
  5. The tone of the email is a lot friendlier.

So, the next time you write an email, think what the reader might think.

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