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An imminent meeting!

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Jun 17

Impending Meeting


By Dorcas Addo

We can’t have an imminent meeting!

Here’s why…

Let’s face it. Learning the English language is interesting and we love it while we’re at it. One thing we must always remember is the contextual use of words. This is very crucial to communication. We’ll illustrate the meaning of ‘the contextual use of words’ with ‘imminent’ and ‘impending’.

Imminent and impending mean about to occur or happen, likely to occur very soon or at any moment or happening soon.

Since the two words mean about to occur or happen, we tend to use them in every context that suggests that an event or incident is about to happen. This isn’t exactly correct. Let’s see why.
The two words are used when the incident or event in question is unpleasant, unwanted or dangerous. It could be an imminent/impending strike, tsunami or death. Therefore, whether it is a meeting with a client or an office party, don’t say:

“The imminent/impending meeting has been scheduled for June 30, 2017.”

Instead, say:

“The upcoming/forthcoming meeting has been scheduled for June 30, 2017.”

After all, you are looking forward to a great and pleasant time at the event. Make your meeting a pleasant one: Make it a forthcoming or an upcoming one and not an imminent/impending one.

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