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3 tips to make a good first impression this 2017

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Jan 17


You only get one opportunity to impress your client and unfortunately there aren’t always second chances. Here are three modern techniques and tips that you could use during client meetings this year:

  1. Calculated preparation: We know we need to prepare, but how much? This can be planned by first calculating how much of your introduction is going to be spontaneous and how much of it needs preparation.Plan your opening lines and your body language. Also, visualise yourself at the client’s place and practice your conversation starters. However, don’t spend too much time analysing your interaction as this could lead to fear and anxieties. Before your meeting, take a deep breath, relax and speak confidently. It’s also a good idea to distract yourself with something pleasant few minutes before the meeting, like a Beatles song. 
    Now that I’ve prepared the right amount, let me slack off for a bit..

    Now that I’ve prepared the right amount, let me slack off for a bit…


  2. Honesty in your persuasion: Be honest about what you’re trying to sell or discuss. Audience’s today can see through old persuasion tricks and can smell desperation too.  Explain to your client how your service/product will benefit them and address his/her needs. Speak briefly on what this new partnership also means to you and to your company.

    I have the power..

    I have the power…

  3. Quality Small talk: Making quality small talk, especially in a new and formal environment is an art in itself. The key is to keep it simple and general. But, what is ‘simple’? Quality small talk helps you break the ice and also makes the client feel comfortable. It’s good to start on a positive note, such as “I found your office very easy to navigate, it saved me time…”In some instances, you will be required to take initiative, introduce yourself and speak further. Also, listen to the client and know what sort of small talk he/she is interested in. For example, talk about cricket with a sports fan. Respond appropriately and keep the conversation relevant. Keep the conversation short, professional and friendly.

    I’ve spoken the appropriate amount and that makes me zen..

    I’ve spoken the appropriate amount and that makes me zen…

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