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5 Clichés that kill your communication

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Sep 16

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Some phrases have lost their meaning and become redundant due to over-use. These are generally referred to as clichés.

Here are five phrases that are best avoided:

Low-hanging fruit

This phrase – used to refer to easily achievable set of goals or tasks which require little or no efforts – has become empty and blank. It has lost its meaning and weight due to over-usage. In place of that, you can use ‘effortless’, ‘elementary’, ‘uncomplicated’ or ‘unchallenging’.

For example, ‘John prefers the unchallenging tasks in the office’.

Think outside the box

One of the most abused phrases, ‘think outside the box’ has become vacuous. It’s about time we thought outside the box for replacements for this phrase. Yeah? We have to be ‘inventive’, ‘creative’, ‘ingenious’, ‘unconventional’ and ‘innovative’ in our thinking and actions. Then we wouldn’t have to resort to this phrase again.

More bang for your buck

It doesn’t matter whether or not you know this phrase; it is a cliché and thus distracting. ‘Cost effective’, ‘rewarding’, ‘fruitful’ or a ‘gratifying’ could be used when you want to say that the outcome of an activity is equivalent to the worth of one’s money or efforts invested.

Apples to apples

‘Apples to apples’ means comparing things that are reasonably comparable. Instead of using this out-of-date phrase, use ‘comparable’, ‘commensurate’ or ‘proportional’. For example, ‘The assistant director is ‘comparable’ to Donald Trump.

Take this offline

Used in business to say that a particular topic or issue be talked about on a later occasion or through another channel of communication. You can resort to ‘aside’ or ‘in confidence’. For example, ‘Since this topic is not related to our current meeting, let’s talk about it in confidence’ later.

For your communication to be effective, you need to drop these five phrases completely.

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