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An imminent meeting!

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Jun, 17

  By Dorcas Addo We can’t have an imminent meeting! Here’s why… Let’s face it. Learning the English language is interesting and we love it while we’re at it. One thing we must always remember is the contextual use of words. This is very crucial to communication. We’ll illustrate the meaning of ‘the contextual use of words’ with ‘imminent’ and ‘impending’. Imminent and impending mean about to occur or happen, likely to occur very soon or at any moment or happening soon. Since the two […]

Common Mistakes in English

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May, 17

By Priyadarshini Mahendran English has become the language of survival if we want to see growth in our careers. Here are a few common mistakes we make: Cope up with – This phrase is incorrect. The correct form is ‘cope with’. It means being able to handle something successfully when under pressure. Example: Surprisingly, Deepthi was able to cope with the stress that came along with the job. Cope (v) conveys the meaning “to deal with a difficult situation”; colloquially synonymous to “get by” or […]

Why You Should Never Take Down Your Boss and Always Take On Whatever He Throws Your Way

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Feb, 17

By Priyadarshini Mahendran Look at these phrases: take down, take off, take on, take over, and take in How do these phrases differ in meaning? And, how can you use them in the business world? Let’s read find out… Take down -  This means to make note of something or to write down information that is being said. Examples: Listen carefully to what Rajesh is saying and take down what’s important. Take down every word she says! Also, considering lives we lead on the internet […]


Feb, 17

By Priyadarshini Mahendran From using words incorrectly to overusing certain phrases, here’s a list of 10 words and phrases you should stop using this year, or use correctly. 1.  Absolutely Boss: “Do you think the solution to our sales problems is increasing advertising?” Ram: “Absolutely!” Customer: “I spoke to Mr Arvind three times today, and he was very rude. I was shocked.” Ram: “Absolutely! He shouldn’t be speaking that way. I apologize on behalf of the company.” When you speak this way, it means that you […]

Check, Check, and Check Again! Proofreading Habits That Make You Smarter

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Feb, 17

By Priyadarshini Mahendran Writing an email to an important client? Preparing a report with the sales numbers? Sending a memo out to your team? Did you check for errors before sending it out? You definitely should; You do not want them reading a text full of errors. Whether you are writing an article, an email, a report or a memo, ensuring that your text is free from error is vital. The spell-check option in Word will definitely help, but it isn’t foolproof. This is when […]

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