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In this modern age, interfacing with one's network occurs over a number of communication channels. Whether it is a simple email to a team member or an important proposal for a client, there is a need to express oneself coherently and correctly over various media. The language used for direct communication with peers in the office cannot be replicated for the purposes of an official email. As the medium of communication changes, the syntax of business communication transforms.

At English Coach, we believe that business communication is dynamic and fast changing. Our team of communication experts have identified the several needs for successful communication to occur over different media. From written communication to verbal business conversations, we understand what it takes to fetch you results. Our communication modules have been designed with a view to improve your business communication skills.

Choose from our two highly specialised corporate training programmes – 'Write like a Pro' and 'Business Conversations' – to give your business a boost. At English Coach we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work, which is why we insist on a careful analysis of the business communication needs of your team before delivery. Based on your needs, our modules are customised to tackle the communication obstacles that stop your business from realising its potential.

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Write like a pro

Businesses require professionals to be writing constantly. The writing abilities of your team are crucial to achieving the company's end goals. Sign up with English Coach to train your employees to get their business communication right. From our professional email writing programme, customised for all levels, to our programme on power writing for senior professionals, we teach, train and coach your employees to communicate clearly and precisely.

Speak With Élan

You don't want your employees to make your business look bad. It is important for them to convey the business' goals in clear, coherent language that is easy to understand. From helping them negotiate powerfully with clients to communicating with ease over telephone and video conferencing, English Coach makes everyday business conversations for your employees easy and effective.
Assess Your Communication

An online business communication assessment

EnglishCoach conducts communication assessment for corporates that want to assess the written and spoken communication skills of potential employees, employees going in for a role change and for assessing training needs. An assessment before you make a decision in any of the above critical areas can eliminate mistakes that often prove costly.

In an assessment:

  1. Participants receive a login and password to EnglishCoachʼs Learning Management System, www.englishcoach.co.in/learning and take up the assessment right from their workplace.
  2. Multiple assessment methods like editing and writing passages, objective type questions, comprehension and audio passages are used to assess various aspects in listening, writing and comprehension.
  3. A conversation test is also conducted to assess fluency, expression and language skills.

The areas that the assessment focuses on are:

  • Grammatical elements in writing such as appropriate use of time frames, articles, prepositions & prepositional phrases, subject verb agreement, punctuation and sentence structure

  • Proficiency in writing is assessed on the clarity and flow of writing, presentation of content, tone and style of the language, expression and vocabulary

The Assessment Centre puts the results of the assessment together and our facilitator creates a report. The report provides a comprehensive assessment of the communication proficiency and language skills of the candidate.

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